Otoe County Sheriff—Republican

Keeping Otoe County a safe place to live is a big priority for Brian Briley, one of three Republican candidates on the May 15 primary ballot for the Otoe County Sheriff. The candidate out of the primary that receives the top number of votes will advance to the general election in November to face Colin Caudill, Democrat from Nebraska City.

Briley, who stakes his claim on the longest term served with the Sheriff's Office out of all of the candidates, is experienced in criminal investigations including drug violations. His accomplishments, to name a few, were the numerous drug arrests including cases that have been adopted at the federal level, as well as implementing the K-9 program in Otoe County in 2005 with limited expense to the tax payer. "I've made the drug enforcement the main focus of my career," said Briley. Through this, he believes the county gained a valuable asset.

Briley feels the drug abuse and drug trafficking is one of the county's biggest issues. "Drugs are often linked to theft, domestic violence and assault cases where the children in these environments and other people around are often made victims," said Briley. As a sheriff, Briley would continue to conduct investigations and enforce laws county-wide to help stop this problem. He said, "I plan to make Otoe County the LAST place these people want to come to conduct business."

Another challenge in law enforcement that Briley sees is providing adequate services with limited resources. He believes that he can assign available employees where they will be best utilized. "Assigning work zones and using the latest technology are no substitute for talented cops that want to do the best job they can," added Briley. The need to hire and keep good employees for the Sheriff’s Department that want to do the job in an ever increasing hostile environment is high on Briley's priority list. As Sheriff, Briley says he will hire the best people available.

Briley said that the Sheriff's Office has accomplished a lot of good things over the years. "There's always room for improvement and [if elected] I will change some things if I think they are needed," said Briley.

In asking how Briley plans to spend his time if elected for Sheriff, he said that he won't be hard to find; that you'll see a lot of him, including at night. "I believe in leading from the front and will be there for the public and my employees," said Briley. He believes he can implement positive changes in public service.

Although Briley sees success in the way things are currently done at the Sheriff's Office, he does feel the county has outgrown the jail, and said it is quickly becoming antiquated. "We do the best we can with the available resources and will continue to do so," said Briley. As push comes to shove and space becomes minimal, at some point, the jail issue will need to be addressed. Briley believes the first step in that process would be to conduct a study to determine the most cost effective and fiscally responsible plan.

In some cases, it is not only space that is limited in the jail, but other resources as well. Briley, when asked what resources he would use to address the mentally ill population that are in custody and charged with criminal offenses, he replied that they are currently using all resources available. He feels every those resources are being put forth for the treatment of the mentally ill and drug addicted population in Otoe County. Briley said, "If medical attention is needed, or someone is expressing thoughts or concerns of suicide, we step in and offer resources available to assist them." He did add that more improved and additional resources need to be available, but that he believes that issue needs to be addressed at the state level.

Additionally, Briley was asked, as sheriff, how he would foster an environment that ensures fair treatment of all people that are served by the Otoe County Sheriff's Department. He said he has zero tolerance for any citizen being treated unfairly. "I personally consider wearing a badge as an honor and treat it as such," added Briley.

Here’s a few details about the candidate.

Briley has lived in Otoe County most of his life. He is a graduate of Sidney High School. He is married to Kaela Croushorn, who is employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse for CHI Health St Mary's. The couple has 2 daughters, Jill, 18 who attends Lourdes Central Catholic High School and Taylor, 13 who attends Nebraska City Middle School, and 1 son Joshua who is 20.

At current, Briley is the Otoe CountyDeputy and K9 handler. Additionally, A full time student at Iowa Western Community College, Briley is pursuing an Associates degree in Business with a medical focus.

Previously, Briley served in the US Army Reserve for 8 years. He is a prior member of the Nebraska City Volunteer Fire Department as well as a prior member of Syracuse Volunteer Rescue Squad.

For more information, contact Brian Briley via email at briley91110@gmail.com, or message the Briley for Otoe County Sheriff Facebook Page.