If quilts could talk they would tell remarkable stories. We could learn about the life of the quilt, and follow it’s travels through time. We could learn about the circumstances of the creator of the quilt and all those who owned it through the decades. Every quilt has a story.  
If Quilts Could Talk held an event in Sidney on Saturday April 14.
The program featured local quilt experts Star Ann Kloberdanz and Anne Travis. Every town in the county was represented through a quilt originating there.
Thirty quilts were featured, including a few from the Fremont County Historical Society museum collection.
One quilt of interest in the museum's collection was made by Grace Ricketts in 1901 when she was 12 years old. “Grace was the great, great Aunt of Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts,” said Bengtson.
Another quilt dated back to the 1800’s.
“The oldest quilt in the museum's collection dates back to 1830” said Sandra Bengtson, President of the Fremont County Historical Society. The quilt was donated by the Gordon family in Hamburg. Barbara (Gordon) Lamb said the quilt came over with her ancestors from Ireland. Lamb’s great-grandparents, Michael Patrick Gordon and Catherine Elizabeth Doyle immigrated to America some time between 1861 and 1865, from Enniscorthy Ireland. The quilt had been a gift to the Gordon’s. It was passed down through the generations until it reached Lamb, who donated it to the historical society, in order to preserve the quilt’s history.
“We wanted to keep it safe,” said Lamb, “It is very fragile.”
Determining the age of a quilt is not always easy. The background of a quilt can be researched through fabric dating, techniques of stitching and patterns. Through this exploration, quilters can learn how 19th century fabrics and techniques evolved to what they are today. Lamb said her quilt was made to look like a tapestry. It was made from fabric that was expensive, instead of material usually gathered from flour sacks.
If you missed Saturday’s event, another one is already in the works. “We plan to have the show every spring so there will be opportunities on the future,” said Bengtson.