Nebraska Public Transit Week was marked by celebrations at the Blue Rivers Public Transportation office in downtown Nebraska City from April 9 to 13.
During the course of the week, anyone who came into the office to inquire about public transportation was put in a drawing for prizes.
Prizes and winners of the drawing are Patrick Wehling who won a 3 day, 2 night stay in Las Vegas with a $500 coupon book from World Auto Sales; Debby Chesterman who won a bag of candy from Husker Rehab; Dana Welch and Bill Gibson who each won a hat from Merritt Cabinets; Kevin Walters and Ryan Eis who each won golf balls from U-Save Pharmacy; Mary Ashenfelter who won a First Aid Kit; Elsie Roush who won a water bottle from Arbor Bank; Pat Martin who won a t-shirt from NC Physical Therapy; Dorothy Mason who won a t-shirt from Lil Ted’s; Lacie Bruns-Morris who won a  cutter scented candle from Westlake Hardware; Lydia Nannen who won an order of free cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut; Sara McAlexander who won a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut; Lynette Prouty who won a flashlight from Mercers; Nancy Bevin who won shampoo & conditioner from Jan Marion; Ethan Deremer who won an electric toothbrush from Dr. Kummer; Kris Hill who won a clutch purse from Brown’s Shoe Fit; Elaine Gebert who won a t-shirt, Bag & Ball from Husker Rehab; Keitha Thompson who won a gel polish with Tammie from Curl Up & Dye; Dennis Marshall who won a Nebraska bucket from St Mary’s Hospital; Dean Speth who won a $20 gift card to Valentino’s from Premier Bank; Bruce Gruber who won a $25.00 gift certificate from Douglas Tire; John Shrader who won a $25.00 gift certificate from Arbor Auto Sales; Ted Beilman who won a $25.00 gift certificate from Arbor Auto Sales;

Linda Ward who won a $25.00 gift card to Subway from The Morton Place; Dave Holland who won a $25 gift card from Tractor Supply; Jared Sornson who won Breakfast for Two from Lied Lodge & Conference Center Arbor Day Farm; Cathy Blankenship who won a basket of hair products from Andrea’s Cut Above; Liz Schomerus who won a $30 gift certificate from First Class Flowers; Shannon Buckminster who won a $30.00 gift certificate from Martin Jewelry; Jodie Kreifels who won a One Month Tanning from Hair Factory; Grayson Path who won a Water Pillow from NC Chiropractic; David Rakowski who won a $50 gift card to the Keeping Room from Dr. Higley; Roger Claussen who won a $50.00 gift card to Red Lobster from The Morton Place; Dylan Wenn who won a one month pass from Ambassador Wellness Center; and Jody Polman, Erin Johnson, and Randy Dunster who all won an “I Love Public Transit” mug.
Another contest throughout the week was Spot the Bus where the public was invited to take a creative photo of one of the Blue Rivers busses and email it or drop off a photo at the local office located at 109 South 9th Street for a chance to win a prize. Winners of the Spot the Bus were 1st place, Michelle Francis who won a $50 gift card to Casey’s from Dr. O’Neil; 2nd place, Miki VanRenan who won a $25 gift card to Speedee Mart from Dr,McGinley; 3rd place, Diana Lind who won $20 gift card to Valentino’s from Premier Bank; and 4th place, Sherrill Gibson who won $10 gift card from Valentino’s.
Showing customer appreciation, as passengers boarded the bus that week, they got a chance to draw prizes. Blue Rivers gave away five $20 tickets from Commercial State Bank and S Systems, five Dozen Donuts from Central Apple Market, five 6” sandwiches from Subway, many coupons for Meal Deals, Hamburgers, fries, ice cream and coffee from McDonald’s, water bottles from Arbor Bank, five large laundry Soap containers from Dr.’s Miller & McNeely, free rides from Dr. Quinn, Gift cards and Gift Certificates from Morton Place, Orscheln’s, Little Ted’s, Quik Pick, El Portal, Pizza Hut, Valentino’s, and items from Brown’s Shoe Fit.
Kids who rode home from school throughout the week received gifts of NATP Coloring Books, Ear Buds, McDonald’s coupons, a frisbee, sidewalk chalk, pizza, water balloons, water bottles all donated by McDonald’s, Marshall Funeral Home, Mid Plains Eye Care, Arbor Bank and Pizza Hut.
Other fun events for the week were the Open House Tuesday, April 10, where Blue Rivers offered a nice lunch to the public.
Wednesday, April 11, the Stuff The Bus event took place at various Nebraska City Schools during the course of the day and collected over 1,900 canned good and boxed items for the Food Pantry. The Nebraska City Middle School collected the most, donating 496 items for the Food Pantry.
During the week, art students at the Nebraska City Public Schools entered into the Winter of the Art Contest by creating their interpretation of what public transportation is in Nebraska City.
The  Art Contest winners were 1st place, Dylan Ramage who won a $50.00 gift card to Casey’s from Dr. Dettman; 2nd place, Abby Arenillas who won $25 gift card to Speedee Mart from Arbor Psychiatric; 3rd place, Sammy Graham who won $10 gift card from Valentino’s.  
For more information or questions about the events, contact Bobbi Lechner at (402) 873-3005 or via email at