High School juniors and seniors from Syracuse, Johnson County Central, Pawnee City, Malcolm, Lewiston, and Falls City toured Stutheit Implement and the Midwest Farmers Cooperative Rail Facility on March 27 as part of their classes with Southeast Community College (SCC).  The 19 students take dual enrollment classes with the college.
SCC Career Academy offers high school students a chance to gain college credits while taking classes during high school.  
These career focused classes often take field trips to see how their knowledge translates to real world jobs.
On March 27, the 19 students first visited Stutheit Implement to learn about the career opportunities available for qualified individuals.  Many were surprised to see such a variety of agriculture related jobs that involved more than the farming aspect.
At the Syracuse Ag Terminal, they were loading a train at the time of the visit, and students were able to see the loadout in action.  They asked a lot of questions about the grain handling processes and took a tour of the dry plant as well. In addition, they toured the office and scale areas to see the automated scale processes.
Dan Novak is the Southeast Region Coordinator for the Southeast Community College Dual-Enrollment program.  He said, “The ag part has been around a long time but we’ve really seen a growth in the last few years.  Kids find out there’s more to a career in agriculture- not just cattle, farming, etc.”  
He noted that Midwest has 45 different job descriptions, and Stutheit has 14.  That’s 59 different agriculture jobs in Syracuse at just those two businesses.
The Career Academy classes include Agriculture, Business, Construction, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Manufacturing in Energy and Welding.  In addition, students can take general education classes.
Novak said, “Programs are transferable to college.  If they go to SCC, it’s directly on their transcript.  We have a number of students going to UNL, Peru, you name it - and those credits will just transfer over with them to those programs as well.  It’s not just for SCC kids!”
Both Midwest and Stutheit noted that it was a great group of students that toured their businesses, and they were happy to participate in the program.  For more information on what SENCAP is take a look at their website. https://www.southeast.edu/sencap