Linda Plager, Area Director of Region V Services, provided the program for the Nebraska City Rotary meeting over the noon hour on Wednesday, March 14, at the Eagles Club. Plager presented Region V’s Nebraska City Sign Language Choir who performed “You Are Beautiful”. She then asked Andy Nelson, son of Rotarian Rex Nelson, to go into the audience to help instruct the Rotarians and guest audience on the sign language motions to that song. Andy said to his father Rex, “Watch and learn. Maybe you’ll learn a few things.”
Plager updated those attending about the great services Region V brings to Nebraska City. She mentioned that Region V likes to see themselves as an Employment First Agency to assist those with developmental disabilities to be able to be implemented into the workforce.
Once within the workforce, each employee will be coached and mentored through the process to promote job sustainability.
Region V Services provides the education and support to people with developmental disabilities and similar needs in southeast Nebraska in order to promote relationships within the community and lessens the students’ reliance on agency services.
Today, Region V Services of Nebraska City (RVNC) supports approximately 55 people, ranging from junior high school students to senior citizens.
Services are individually developed on a by person basis, meeting their specific needs. RVNC provides assistance for vocational, residential, educational, and social needs.  People supported by RVNC are a part of Nebraska City’s workforce, organizations, churches, and neighborhoods.
Six people that are in the RVNC program currently have jobs away from Region V’s Day Service Center. The program has a new Career Academy Class that will begin later this month.

Students in this class will learn about applying for jobs as well as the skills they will need to keep the job.
RVNC began it’s program in July 1974. The RVNC program is governed by a board of 16 county commissioners from the 16 counties involved with the program; one being Otoe County Commissioner Dean Speth.
Also during the meeting, Plager handed out copies of the proclamation that Nebraska State Governor Pete Ricketts signed to address March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness month.
The goal for this month is to create awareness about developmental disabilities, teach the importance of inclusion within every aspect of life, and to share the stories of individuals with a disability to show that a successful life is possible!
This important day dates back to 1987, President Ronald Reagan made the first public proclamation for March to be recognized as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. His aim was to increase public awareness of the needs and potential of Americans with developmental disabilities.
Today, the mission remains largely the same in the aspect that the aim is still to increase public awareness; however, the main focus has shifted to the importance of inclusion and living life side by side. This year’s theme is “See Me for Me!” This means looking beyond someone’s disability and seeing them as a person and not just a person with a disability.
Plager closed her presentation by adding that aluminum can recycling is highly encouraged to provide jobs for those working at the Region V center and that they can be dropped off in exchanged currently for 25 cents per pound (amount subject to change).
For questions about Region V and the services they offer, contact Linda Plager at Region V Services Nebraska City at (402) 873-3306 or visit