An investigation into a local crime ring by the Fremont County Sheriff's Office led to an arrest on Jan. 15. The Sheriff's Office announced new developments in the investigation on Wednesday, Jan. 17.


Sheriff Kevin Aistropes has reported an update to a recent investigation and pursuit in Fremont County.

Three people are now in custody pending further charges for a ring of car thefts and burglaries in Fremont County. Aistrope says the suspect who was taken into custody on Jan. 15, has now been identified as 46 year old Jerry Eaton of Oseceloa, Mo. Also arrested early this morning, found near the scene of where the truck was fled from, was 26 year old Brandon Wood of Hollister, Mo., and 45 year old Shanna Daniels Case of Missouri. Eaton and Case are wanted by Missouri authorities as well. Case and Wood are  being held without bond until their initial appearance. The Sheriffs Office will update the public as more information is gathered.

the fremont county sheriffs office wants to thank all citizens that have called in suspicious activity. special thanks to fremont county roads department for being aware of surroundings and suspicious activity.

Sheriff Kevin Aistrope reports that on the evening Jan. 15 deputies of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office were conducting an investigation on Green Hollow Road into a strand of stolen vehicles and thefts.
Deputies were able to recover two stolen cars, a stolen camper, a stolen flatbed trailer, a stolen four wheeler, and other miscellaneous stolen items.
During the investigation, deputies came in contact with a suspect vehicle and a pursuit ensued.
The pursuit began in Green Hollow traveling south to Thurman. The suspect vehicle then headed east towards Highway 275 then changing directions and heading south on 242nd Ave.
During this portion of the pursuit the suspect shut down his driving lights and turned into a field entrance a little over a mile from 160th St. Deputies pursued before the vehicle crashed and suspects fled on foot.
At this time, deputies deployed a K9 to track the suspects. Deputies with the K9 unit tracked a suspect into the bluffs and down into a creek bed.
The suspect was given numerous commands to give up and continued in his attempt to flee deputies.
The K9 then foiled the suspect’s attempt to flee further. During apprehension, the suspect kicked the K9 in the face to try to flee again. The K9 was able to hold the suspect and drag him towards the handler.
The suspect was then taken into custody and transported to Grape Community hospital to be treated for the dog bite and hypothermia. The suspect was later transported to Jenny Ed in Council Bluffs.
The suspect is facing numerous charges, pending further investigation, to include eluding, assault on a peace officer and other infractions.
The suspect’s name is not being released due to authorities being unable to identify the uncooperative offender. One other deputy was treated for frost bite. the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by Tabor Police Department and Iowa State Patrol.