If you are currently a member of a Part C Medicare Advantage Plan and you are dissatisfied, your opportunity to disenroll from that plan is now.
The Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period runs through Feb. 14 every year.
When you disenroll from your Medicare Advantage Plan you are electing to return to Original Medicare.

Why would you disenroll from your Advantage Plan?
Medicare Advantage Plans are the alternative to Original Medicare with a Supplement and work differently because of networks and plan rules. If you are enrolled in an Advantage Plan and have found out that your doctor or hospital is not in the network or that the plan does not cover a particular medication, you may want to consider disenrollment from your Advantage Plan.

What should you consider before disenrollment?
First, you cannot use the Medicare Disenrollment Period to change from one Medicare Advantage plan to another. That opportunity passed when Open Enrollment ended in December. The Disenrollment Period is intended to be used by individuals who joined an Advantage Plan and are now experiencing problems with provider availability or prescription coverage.
Second, disenrollment from your Medicare Advantage Plan does not guarantee acceptance into a Medicare Supplement.
Remember Medicare Supplements are available to help pay for Part A and Part B deductibles and copays.
If you want a Medicare Supplement you will need to complete an underwriting process and answer questions regarding your health and history. Your acceptance or denial is determined by the findings of the underwriting process.
One exception to note is if you are unhappy with your Advantage Plan during the first 12 months of coverage at age 65 you can disenroll from your Medicare Advantage plan at any time during the 12 month “trial period” and return to Original Medicare.
This scenario allows for a guaranteed issue period for you to enroll in any Medicare Supplement.
Another exception to note is if you dropped your Medicare Supplement to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan for the first time and want to re-enroll in a Medicare Supplement, you may do so during the 12 month “trial period” and return to Original Medicare; however, you must return to that specific Medicare Supplement plan you had before.

How do I disenroll and is there help?
If you decide to disenroll from your Advantage Plan, you will have a Special Election Period to join a Part D drug plan. You initiate the disenrollment by submitting a disenrollment request or by simply enrolling into a Part D drug plan. When you elect to disenroll, you will be returned to Original Medicare on the first of the following month.
Nebraska SHIIP is available to assist you in this process. As the states source of free, confidential and unbiased Medicare education and counseling we will help you evaluate your Part D drug plan options to ensure you pick the right plan that fits your needs. Nebraska SHIIP may be reached at 1-800-234-7119 or visit our website at www.doi.nebraska.gov/shiip.