The NoWear BMX Compound, located in rural Unadilla, has hosted international travelers at their six acre “BMX Paradise.”  Though it may not be known to many locals, NoWear BMX is a well-known name within the regional BMX community.  
They have been in business doing shows and selling brand apparel for eight years.  However, riding at the compound has always been free for anyone who wants to come and improve their skills while finding a community of people who take care of each other.
Karl and Carrie Hinkley have their home onsite, and they have hosted many travelers in their home from as far away as Canada.
Their latest project is a building to provide year round training. They’ve established a nonprofit organization, The Nowear Compound Nonprofit Corporation, and donations have been coming in to help them get the building completed.
Karl said, “Establishing the place, Carrie and I have just taken everything we have to get where we are currently. We weren’t able to on our own make this project happen financially because we’ve invested so much already.  We had so many people that supported our cause in the community.”
The large, heated facility will provide a foam pit, ramps, and a great place for everyone to continue riding through the cold winter months.  According to Hinkley, there is not another building of its kind in the state of Nebraska.  There are only a few other places with these options in other states, and those are typically very expensive.
All of the labor for putting up their building is being donated by contractors in all different fields, and that has helped cut down on the costs.  
In order to make the project happen and to thank those who contribute, they are searching for sponsors who could have naming rights to the building along with advertising on the ramps and banners.
As long as they receive enough funding, the new facility should be open by next winter.
BMX riding has been a passion of Karl’s since he was a kid.  “If it wasn’t for BMX, I don’t know what would have happened in my life.  It saved me…
That’s why it’s important that kids have a place they can go.  
A lot of kids aren’t cut out for team sports, so it’s important as society that we provide a place for them to go,” he said.
Having friends and a community of people gave him confidence.  “For a kid, having one or two friends can make them feel like they’re not worthless…  We work with a lot of troubled youth who need our establishment - a place to go, a place to build character.”
That’s why he feels this building is so important. In the winter months, they sometimes lose kids to drugs or other things when they can’t come ride.

He added, “I’ve worked with countless teens that the majority of the teens we work with don’t feel great about themselves at first.”  For him, he said that having goals and a passion for the sport motivated him and gave him purpose.
In order to ride at the compound, you must be over 19 or have a parent present to sign a waiver of liability.
Last year, they had over 2000 waivers signed from people all over the country.  Up until this point, they have operated on an as needed basis. People call or message to go out and ride.  The Hinkleys envision they will probably have more riders once this new building is completed.  They plan to establish certain hours at that point.
Down the road, they would like to host camps and provide playground equipment. Families many times come out all together, and they’d like to have a place for younger children to play while others ride.
NoWear BMX riders do stunt shows in multiple states (almost 100 per year).  The last two years they have performed at the Otoe BBQ in September. For more information on the nonprofit and how to help, visit their website at or call Karl Hinkley directly at 402-875-3344.