Open enrollment for health insurance for those under 65 will end Dec. 15.  Medicare ends Dec. 7.  Now is the time to sign up for coverage to be effective Jan. 1, 2018.  With new insurance always comes questions, and local agents say they are happy to answer questions to help ensure their customers are receiving the correct coverage.
Locally, there have been a lot of questions about Medica Health Insurance  They offer two plans.  According to agent Chad Larson, one plan covers multiple hospitals and providers across the area, and Community Memorial Hospital would be included in that plan.  It is typical of prior plans and wouldn’t be a significant difference for patients.
However, a new plan called the “CHI Health Insurance Plan” would not provide in-network coverage at Community Memorial Hospital or other non-CHI providers.  Those on the CHI plan may face limited or no coverage at hospitals that are not part of the CHI system.
CMH VP Operations and Compliance Officer Lisa Voorhees said, “We want to stress the importance of communicating with the community, and our patients, the significance of asking questions prior to choosing a new insurance plan.”
Either way, consumers are encouraged to ask questions.  The hospital and agents agree that they want to make sure people are informed while they have the opportunity to make these selections.  
Larson said if there is any question on what is covered or what providers would be in network, he would encourage people to ask rather than wonder or assume about their coverage.
Voorhees said, “We are here to answer any questions to help you determine the right coverage for you the patient and your family.”