FFA members from 14 schools including Auburn, Conestoga, Deshler, Diller-Odell, Friend, Johnson County Central, Lewiston, Milford, Nebraska City, Norris, Osceola, Platts-mouth, Sterling, and Tri County competed in the Area 6 Range Judging Contest held September 19 near Steinauer in Pawnee County.
A total of 133 students and 8 adults participated in the contest which was conducted at the Bowood State Wildlife Management Area south of Steinauer.
Contestants competed both individually and in teams of four in either junior (sophomore and below) or senior (juniors and seniors) divisions. They were required to identify 24 different plants and their characteristics, evaluate three different range sites, determine range improvements for a ranch, and answer general range and grassland questions. Only ten minutes were allowed for each of the nine different stations judged by the contestants with a perfect individual score of 574 points the ultimate goal.
    Diller-Odell took first in both the junior and senior team standings. Their top senior team members were Jesse Scheele, Adam Schultis, Bryston Warren, and Spencer Schmidt with a team high score of 1689. Ranking highest in the junior team division was the Diller-Odell team of Ashtyn Humphreys, Neliegh Weers, Tucker Martin, and Jadyn Schultis.
In other team results in the senior division, Lewiston took second place with their team of Miah Fulton, Megan Wehrbein, Treyton Hippen, and Dana Christen. Tri County claimed third with their team of Sophie Linnemann, Alexx Malchow, Kailey Weichel, and Alexis Gerritse. The final ribbon for fourth place went to the Norris team of Adam Essink, Nate Wheeler, Chandler Kuck, and Christian Grothe.
In the junior team division, Norris placed second with their team members Hunter DeBoer, Layton Moore, Carter Rohrer, and Grace Dowding. Milford FFA members Owen Eickhoff, Jesi Kreikemer, Alexis Keib, and Wyatt TeSelle earned third. Diller-Odell took one more team award with their fourth-place team of Emily Swanson, Austin Jurgens, Samantha Clifford, and Skylar Pretzer.
Sophie Linnemann of Tri County earned the highest individual score and grand prize in the senior division with a score of 481 points. Following her were Norris's Adam Essink-second, Diller-Odell's Jesse Scheele-third, and Lewiston's Miah Fulton-fourth. Ribbons were awarded for a total of 19 places in the senior division. Local contestants earning a ribbon and their placing were Diller-Odell FFA members Adam Schultis (5), Bryston Warren (8), Spencer Schmidt (9), Kaleb Rupprecht (13), and Morgan Phillips (19); Lewiston students Megan Wehrbein (6), Treyton Hippen (10), and Dana Christen (18); and Norris participants Nate Wheeler (11) and Chandler Kuck (15).
In the junior individual division, Ashtyn Humphreys from Diller-Odell earned the purple ribbon for first place followed by Norris's Hunter DeBoer in second, Milford's Owen Eickhoff placing third, and Norris's Layton Moore in fourth. Ribbons for the top 15 spots were awarded in the junior division, and local individuals earning those green ribbons were Diller-Odell's Neliegh Weers (5), Tucker Martin (8), Jadyn Schultis (9) Emily Swanson (10), Austin Jurgens (12), and Samantha Clifford (14); and Norris's Carter Rohrer (7).
The Range Judging Contest was sponsored by the Nemaha Natural Resources District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service with assistance from the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission and Cooperative Extension. A full listing of all results is available in the Education section under the Programs tab on the NRD's website: www.nemahanrd.org.