The Nebraska City Public Schools board will hold a special hearing to set the final tax request for FY 2017-18 at its Monday, Oct. 9 meeting.
Proposed tax requests for the 2017-2018 school year are $10,029,300 for the district’s general fund; $1,277,145 for the K-12 bond fund; $101,000 for the technology bond gund; $125,240 for the special building fund; and $277,433.87 for the qualified capital purpose undertaking fund (QCPUF) K-12.
The proposed 2017-2018  general fund tax rate is 1.051002, which is up slightly from the 1.050692 rate in the 2016-2017 budget.
The total tax rate for the 2017-2018 budget is $1.237620.
Board members approved the district’s $17.1 million budget for the current school year during the  Sept. 11 meeting, but hearings on the final tax request and the technology bond fund will take place during the October meeting, according to Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Edwards.
The district’s budget is up about one percent from last year, Dr. Edwards said.
The district was able to add two preschool classrooms, an extra elementary section and three after-school clubs without significantly increasing the budget.
Dr Edwards said some of the ways the district maintained its budget
included having several veteran teachers take early retirement, capping salary increases for classified and administrative staff, and moving the district office to a newer, more energy-efficient building.
“One thing we’re trying to get across about our budget is that it’s not a spending issue,” said Edwards. “It’s a funding issue.”
Edwards said the district expected to receive an increased amount of state aid this year, but $150,000 in state aid was cut, it resulted in essentially a $300,000 loss to this year’s budget.