The Nebraska City Rotary Club heard what the organization’s international and district plans are for the coming year during its weekly Wednesday meeting.
District Governor Thomas Cardwell provided the update. Cardwell, the former dean of student engagement at Southeast Community College, was elected district governor in June, and he has had opportunities to meet with Rotary International officers in the past few months.
Rotary International’s theme for 2017-2018 is “Making a Difference,”  said Cardwell, and the organization has several key initiatives it wants members to undertake in the coming months.
The first of these is to  increase the number of female Rotarians, said Cardwell.
Internationally, only about 22 percent of the organization’s members are women.
The next Rotary initiative is to increase the number of younger Rotarians (those under age 40) by 10 percent, said Cardwell.
The third initiative is for local Rotary Clubs to host community forums or seminars, said Cardwell.
Cardwell offered human trafficking as an example of a forum topic.
“I have a feeling this may be the next big Rotary project after polio is eradicated,” said Cardwell.
The final Rotary initiative is for members to each plant a tree, said Cardwell.
He suggested a tree-planting on April 8, 2018, which is the date Rotary Youth Leadership Awards  be planting trees at a camp for future Rotarians.
At the conclusion of his talk, Cardwell presented the Rotary Club of Nebraska City with a new Rotary International banner displaying the “Making a Difference” theme.
This week’s scheduled Rotary speaker is Makayla Schippert, foster parent recruitment coordinator for KVC Nebraska.
She will speak on the need for safe, loving homes for youth.
The Rotary Club will meet tomorrow (Aug. 30) at noon at the Eagles Club, 600 1st Corso. Guests pay $9 for lunch.