A former Nebraska City Middle School teacher will face jail time, probation, a $1,000 fine and 240 hours of community service after being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Emily Lofing was sentenced in Otoe County Court Monday afternoon on the Class I misdemeanor charge.
She was ordered to serve 90 days in the Otoe County Detention Center, followed by 24 months of probation, in addition to the fine and the community service.
Judge John F. Steinheider considered the recommendations of Otoe County Deputy District Attorney John Palmtag and Lofing’s attorney, Desirae M. Solomon, before he sentenced Lofing.
Palmtag told the court that Lofing’s actions “shock the conscience” and that an appropriate sentence would send the message “that we do not tolerate these sorts of actions in our teachers.”
Solomon said that reports prepared for the court show her client “in an active state of change” and that Lofing has a family history of depression and nervous breakdowns.
Solomon added that Lofing was striving for perfection and began to have a nervous breakdown, which led her to make a bad decision that ultimately resulted in her voluntarily surrendering her teaching certificate in Nebraska.
“Cases like these are difficult for all parties,” said Steinheider, who noted that Lofing was within 24 hours of committing a felony when she contacted the 16-year-old on his birthday.
If she had contacted him a day earlier, he would not have been of the age of consent in Nebraska.
Steinheider said he considered Lofing’s crime “the most serious misdemeanor offense involving a minor.” He said he didn’t know what impact the crime would have on the student since he did not file a victim statement with the court.
Lofing began serving her sentence Monday afternoon.