Acrylic artist Vonni Sparks is the featured artist in the Wildwood Art Barn.
Sparks installed her show on Friday morning, and it will run through Aug. 24.
Sparks’ paintings feature a jewel tone palette and fanciful combinations of animals, people and plants.
She said some of her current favorite plant subjects are cacti and water lillies.
She said she is also fond of pigs, crows, dogs and dragonflies, and she often includes a chicken in her painting because she and her family have a small flock on their acreage near Firth.
Some of her earlier works pay tribute to a beloved pet cat.
One that’s on display at Wildwood shows the cat as a circus performer.
Another work at Wildwood is called “Bosco,” and it is a reminder of the day a neighbor’s donkey jumped the fence and came pay a visit to Sparks’ house.
In the painting, Bosco is blessed with wings and surrounded by colorful insects/
“My inspiration is whatever’s in my head when I start to paint,” she said.
Sparks has been painting for 25 years and has a show at the Blue Cat Gallery in Wayne in addition to her Wildwood show.
Her work is also on display at Gallery 9 in Lincoln, which she has been affiliated with for about 20 years.
The Wildwood Art Barn is located at 420 Steinhart Park Road, behind the Wildwood Historic House.
Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday.
Call 402-873-6340 for more information.