Emirates, Royal Jordanian and Qatar Airways each jabbed the airline for the recent dragging of a passenger of a plane.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Mideast carriers are having fun at United Airlines' expense.


Dubai-based Emirates released an ad after video went viral of a United passenger being forcefully removed that toyed with the Chicago-based carrier's longtime slogan. "Fly the friendly skies ... this time for real," it read.




Royal Jordanian tweeted a no-smoking picture saying "drags on our flights are strictly prohibited by passengers and crew."


We are here to keep you #united Dragging is strictly prohibited  pic.twitter.com/CSjZD7fM4J

— Royal Jordanian (@RoyalJordanian) April 10, 2017


Now Qatar Airways is getting in on the gag too. An update Wednesday for its iPhone app says it "doesn't support drag and drop. We take care of customers as we unite them with their destinations."


We’re united in our goal to always accommodate our passengers, even with our app updates. pic.twitter.com/1K3q76qOp6

— Qatar Airways (@qatarairways) April 12, 2017


Emirates and Qatar have been criticized by U.S. carriers over their rapid U.S. expansion. All three airlines have been caught up in the U.S. ban on electronics onboard.