K-9 officers are an important part of law enforcement today, and the loss of Otoe County K-9 Officer Kane will be felt by the entire department.  After eight years of dedicated service with his partner, Otoe County Sheriff’s Deputy James Parsons, Kane passed away April 10.
Kane was born July 13, 2005 in the Netherlands, and he was given the name “Easy-Flip Regulus.”  After extensive training, he was certified as a police dog in the Netherlands.
In 2009, Deputy Parsons and Deputy Brian Briley traveled to Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania where Parsons selected Kane out of all the dogs that they offered.  Though he was already certified as a police dog in the Netherlands, Deputy Parsons and Kane attended Police Service Dog School for three months in Grand Island.
There are under 100 K-9 officers in Nebraska, and Kane was one of three Otoe County K-9’s.  He served the community and did his job with enthusiasm and devotion.
The entire Parsons family (James, Angela, Sydney, and Brooke) loved Kane.  Deputy Parsons said, “The girls would feed him, talk to him, and enjoyed petting him. Kane was a gentle dog to the family, but when I came out to the kennel in uniform, Kane knew it was time for work and he instantly got excited!”
Over the last eight years, Kane was a dedicated partner to Deputy Parsons, and he played a vital role in Otoe County law enforcement by assisting in numerous drug investigations.
“Kane loved seeing the kids during school presentations and never met a child he didn’t like.  Overall, Kane was an amazing K-9.  He will truly be missed!” said Deputy Parsons.
Kane’s “last call to duty” was broadcast by Otoe County dispatch April 10 at 14:02.  “Kane has been a dedicated partner since 2007.  His caring attitude has touched the lives of many people.  For this, he will never be forgotten.  May he rest in peace.”