Around 20 volunteers gathered in the parking lot of the Nebraska City Aquatic Center on Thursday morning, Dec. 29, to begin distributing posters seeking any information about a 16-year-old Nebraska City girl who has been missing for a week.

Shiloh Mae Johnson was last seen on Dec. 22.

Sabrina Willuweit, Shiloh’s mom, said she had gotten into an argument with her daughter on Dec. 22.

“She left a (suicide) note on the coffee table,” Willuweit said. “We got into a fight Thursday morning because she was seen with a guy she wasn’t supposed to be seen with.”

The last contact between mom and daughter was 1:58 p.m.

Since that time, she has not been able to get in touch with Shiloh by phone and has noted that Shiloh’s social media accounts have been quiet.

Since her daughter went missing, Willuweit said she has been distributing posters in a number of different cities including locations such as Boone and Hamburg in Iowa where she has resided with her daughter in the past.

As the search continues, Willuweit says the horrible feelings are almost unbearable.

“I just want somebody to tell me she is OK and where she is at. I just want to get her home,” said Willuweit.

“It’s awful,” Willuweit said of her emotional distress. “You don’t sleep. You don’t eat and you just cry all the time. I don’t wish this on anybody.”

Officer Jeff Lant of the Nebraska City Police Department said Shiloh Johnson has been classified as a missing person and that law enforcement is seeking leads. Johnson’s case doesn’t qualify, however, as an Amber Alert.

Officer Lant noted that very specific situations have to exist for an Amber Alert and that those don’t apply to this case.

Those with any information about the where abouts of Shiloh Mae Johnson are encouraged to call the Nebraska City Police Department at 402-873-6666.