Twenty young men, all members of Boy Scout Troop #353, and five adults became certified  lifesavers the evening of November 18.
The group completed a 4-hour course covering CPR  during an overnight lock-in at the 1st Evangelical Lutheran Church. Otoe County Emergency Management Director Gregg Goebel and Deputy Director Steve Cody provided instruction in life-saving techniques including chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth resusitation and the use of automated external defibrilator (AED) devices. In order to, become certified, participants needed to pass practical and written tests. The certifications last for 2 years.
CPR is a vital skill for people of all ages to have. Invented in 1960, CPR doubles an individual’s chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest which is the leading cause of death among adults. Knowing CPR puts help seconds rather than minutes away since 75 percent of all cardiac arrests occur in people’s homes.The American Heart Associaiton reccomends that everyone perform hands only CPR in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest regardless of whether they are currently certified to do  so or not.
In becoming certified the members of Troop #353 are demonstrating the Boy Scouts commitment not only to keeping boys active but also to making them better citizens. The CPR certification course was part of the troop’s monthly outing which also included plenty of fun for the boys. The Luthran Church was chosen as a location because their Charter Organization sponsors Troop #353.