On November 22 at 8:40 a.m. a meeting of the Otoe County Commissioners was called to order at the Otoe County Courthouse in Nebraska City. Several disparate issues were brought before the Commissioners including:

A request from Public Defender Mike Ziskey for two new desks for staff at the Public Defenders office was unanimously approved. The request of Arnold and Marlene Schroder to build on a site located at 891 E. Road was approved with one Commissioner abstaining. After some discussion, the Commissioners agreed to put out for bid  a new 4-door 3/4 ton cab and chassis and the purchase of rock for the coming year (it was estimated the county buys about $1 million worth of rock annually).

In other road and bridge matters it was announced that the deck of the bridge has been poured on Old Highway 2. That bridge should be open by Christmas.
A request from the pioneer cemetery near Burr to have the lane from the road to the cemetery gate rocked led to an extensive discussion among the Commissioners. The point was raised that the Commissioners had no statutory authority regarding the lane although it had been rocked previously. The decision was made to provide $1,000 of rock to each of the counties 4 pioneer cemeteries.
Two guest speakers also addressed the Commissioners during the meeting.
Sandy Morrissey, director of the Regional Prevention Coalition presented their annual report including data on how the $16,411 allocated to Otoe County were spent.
She also provided information regarding projects the Board would be seeing or hearing about in the future including Hope Squads, a new program for youth suicide prevention currently being explored for possible implementation with funds from the latest Garret Lee Smith grant.
The possibility of a state-wide conference on youth drug abuse was also raised though this is still in the very early planning stages.
Sarah Purcell of the Extension Office asked the Commissioners to appoint three new members to the Otoe County Extension Board.
The appointments of Brian James of Nebraska City,  Russell Moss of  Burr and 4-H Council President Elect Michael Wieckhorst of Nebraska  City were unanimously approved.
The next meeting of the Otoe County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Dec. 13, 2016 at 8:45 a.m.

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