Nebraska City Area Economic Development Corp. Executive Director and Nebraska City LB-840 Program administrator Dan Mauk informs people of the program being on the Nov. 8 general election ballot during the Nebraska City Tourism & Commerce Hot Topic Coffee Wednesday morning at Scooter’s Coffee.

Mauk said the LB-840 program, which will soon be known as the Nebraska City Growth Fund, is a 10-year program that uses locally-collected sales tax as funding to help generate industrial, business and tourism development. Market-rate and-or workforce housing has been added to the new plan.

The LB-840 plan was passed by the voters in 2006 and has collected over $1.9 million since that time. Mauk said the program won’t increase tax, it isn’t a new tax, taxing will remain the same regardless if the program isn’t voted for to be renewed, it has a strong public oversight and the community will have local control of the projects that are funded.

Mauk said the program has been a successful tool for Nebraska City and he encourages people to “vote to renew 1 and 2” on the ballot.

“What ‘no’ will do is not allow us to do the things that we need to do to grow. That money will not be available to be used to help businesses locate here, or help local businesses expand or help us to recruit new businesses and enable them to cover the costs of construction,” Mauk said. “It would just kill a lot of opportunities for us.”