Meat Goat Show

There was a good turnout of competitors and observers for the Meat Goat Show at the Otoe County Fair. They had 16 entries in various categories of the 4-H show, and three for the FFA show.  Jacob Schutz’s Heavyweight Market Meat Goat was declared Grand Champion Market Meat Goat in the 4-H show.
Schutz has competed for three years, and he showed several animals at the 2016 Otoe County Fair.  He enjoys the chance to play with friends and walk around the fair between competitions.  The Schutz family has 80 goats, but Jacob has been personally caring for his since they were born.  His Grand Champion Meat Goat named “Spiderman” was one of four goats and three pigs that he entered in the fair.
Jacob’s sister, Kirsten Schutz, had the Champion FFA Breeding Meat Goat, and sister Dannielle had the Reserve Champion FFA Breeding Meat Goat.  

Sheep Show

The Otoe County Sheep Show brought in 9 competitors for the 4-H show and 8 for the FFA show.  Natalie Sturm’s Champion Middleweight Lamb was declared Grand Champion Market Lamb of the 4-H competition.
Sturm is a sophomore at Nebraska City High School, and she has been showing sheep for three years.  It’s a family affair for her as she has worked her animals alongside her cousins.  The preparations began in late April when she first got the sheep, and Sturm said the overall experience has been a lot of fun!
Matthew Ramold’s Middleweight Champion was the Grand Champion of the FFA show, and it was a great competition all afternoon.  Jim Mueller was the sheep and meat goat judge for the July 28 shows.