There will be a few new faces in the halls of Lourdes Central Catholic when school begins on Tuesday.
 Curt Feilmeier is the school’s new principal. He is a Hartington native who graduated from Hartington Cedar Catholic and earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.
He earned his master’s degree at Wayne State College and has been an educator for 23 years, most recently as the principal of Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, Okla.   
Feilmeier and his wife, Nikki, have three children, twin sons Ethan and Noah (3) and daughter Lily (19 months).
Nikki Feilmeier is a native of Columbus and a graduate of Columbus Scotus and the University of Nebraska, Omaha.
Feilmeier said the decision to join Lourdes Central Catholic  fit well with the plan he and his wife had to return to Nebraska once they started a family.
The move from Nebraska to Oklahoma was a professional, spiritual and personal opportunity the Feilmeiers couldn’t pass up, he said, but it was made with the idea that they would one day come back to Nebraska.
“We’re looking forward to working with the parishes that feed Lourdes Central Catholic and to grow our mission,” said Feilmeier, who added that the commitment he and his wife saw from the communities and the diocese of Lincoln factored into their decision to come here.
“We didn’t take this move lightly,” he said. “We wanted a school that had strong faith, academic and extracurricular programs, along with community, alumni and foundation support.”
Feilmeier added that without the support of parents, Lourdes will not succeed.
“Our parents are vitally important to Lourdes Central Catholic,” he said. “The school won’t succeed without their partnership and the support of the alumni, our benefactors and the community.” 
Feilmeier also considered the strength of the Nebraska City public schools when making his decision to become the Lourdes principal.
“It’s nice when there’s a strong public school component to the community,” he said.
Feilmeier thought the recent Back to School Bash at the Steinhart Aquatic Center was “awesome,” and thanked Sally DuBois, Emily Meyer, Ann Beccard and Lisa Whitten for organizing it.
“We celebrated summer and the new school year at the beautiful new aquatic center,” he said. “It was a beautiful LCC family evening.”
In addition to Feil-meier, Lourdes Central Catholic has hired fourthgrade teachers  Kim Dorman and Laura Carlton and art teacher Tina Dia.