Poultry returned to the show ring at the Otoe County Fair on Saturday, July 30, after being removed from the 2015 show schedule because of an outbreak of bird flu that affected 21 states, including Nebraska.
Judge Ken Majors evaluated the birds on how closely they matched their breed standards, as well as their egg-laying abilities.
He also judged eight 4-H’ers on their showmanship abilities.
Sallie Schram was named overall champion poultry showman and grand champion senior showman.
She showed her silver-laced Wyandotte hen, Rosebud, in the showmanship event, as well as showing birds in the Barred Rock and New Hampshire Red breed classes.
Bobby Moser was named reserve champion senior showman.
He showed birds in the bantam Dominique, Barred Rock, and Buff Orpington breed classes.
Erin Chambers was named grand champion junior showman with her Australorp hen.
She also showed birds in the Wyandotte breed class.
Mavryc Morgan was named reserve champion junior showman with his bantam Rhode Island Red.
He showed birds in the Orpington, French Black Copper Marans, bantam Serama, and Call duck bree classes, as well as entering both white and brown eggs for evaluation.
Czandrya Morgan and Reagan Moser competed in the Clover Kids poultry show. They received trophies for their efforts.
Following the showmanship portion of the show, Majors judged the  29 birds in the show in their cages before announcing the grand champion and reserve champion birds.
Mavryc Morgan won both the grand champion and reserve champion awards. The Grand Champion bird was a Buff Orpington hen and the Reserve Champion bird was a Serama hen.