Dear Dr. June: I know itís normal to fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I just donít know when itís too much. My boyfriend and I fight almost every day about something. Sometimes itís a big deal like who we should be friends with or sometimes itís just about food. We do have fun when weíre not fighting. I just want to know is there such a thing as fighting too much. Iz, Miami, Florida
Dear Iz: In a relationship there should be more positives and few negatives. Of course, there will be disagreements, but fighting almost every day is ridiculous. In fact there should only be disagreements and not fighting. The fighting significantly lowers your time for fun and enjoyment; however, let me put it to you like this. I think there is such a thing as too much fighting, but if thatís how you want your relationship to be then have at it. On the other hand, if you want a less volatile relationship then the two of you need to work on your communication skills or find better relationships Ö with other people.
Dear Dr. June: Whenever I take exams at school, I get so nervous. I feel like I know the information but when I see the test questions I draw a blank. Do you have tips on how to get over test anxiety? T.A. in Brandon, Florida
Dear T.A.: This is a common problem but not always an easy fix. Here are the tips I share with my students:
ó After you study take a nap or go to bed without any other interruptions. That should help with the memory part.
ó When you arrive at class to take the test, donít discuss the test. That can sometimes cause more stress, which can reduce your memory.
ó Laughter is a good medicine for anxiety. So chat it up and make jokes before taking the exam. This should relax you, at least initially when you begin the exam.
Happy testing!
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