Steve Walters & Son, Inc. of Nebraska City have even busy making Nuckolls Square Park ADA compliant since Sept. 28. During Monday night’s Nebraska City City Council meeting, the company asked commissioners for a 15-day time extension with the hopes of completing the project today.

Nebraska City Public Properties Director and Zoning Administrator Dan Giittinger said a couple of “hiccups” with the project, uncooperative water and late signage of the actual contract are the reasons for the extension of the $117,978.38 park improvement project. Giittinger said the contract completion date was originally Nov. 5.

“There’s no money involved in this change order,” Giittinger told commissioners during the meeting.

Commissioners approved the 15-day extension to complete the project by today, weather permitting.

Commissioners also approved to pay Steve Walters & Son $4,000 before the contractor does seeding at the park next spring. Giittinger said bids for the seeding work were supposed to be done last spring, but there were no bidders.

“It’s not an appropriate time in the year to be planting that grass so we need to have that discussion and action tonight to include that in the pay (application) and to have the contractor do it in the spring or have it removed from the contract with a change order at the next meeting,” he said Monday evening.

Giittinger added that if the council decided to not pay for the contractor to do the seeding then the city may have to pay the $4,000 instead of being able to use Comprehensive Investment and Stabilization grant funding, which is being used for the park’s improvements. The CIS grant won’t cover the project if the council removed it from the contractor’s application.
    Parks Commissioner Jeff Crunk thought the council should approve for the contractor to be paid before the seeding would be done because the Parks Department won’t have the extra money when spring rolls around.

“My thoughts are that if we go ahead and let them do it next spring then that would probably be the best bet because if we ride it out the Parks Department doesn’t have this kind of money to seed this,” Crunk said.

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