About 200 World War II posters were stored in the basement of Commercial State Bank in Wausa for over 70 years. Now some of those posters are being displayed in Nebraska City’s branch.

Nebraska City’s Commercial State Bank Branch President Roger Claussen said the City of Wausa was getting ready to celebrate its 125th Centennial this year. Commerical State Bank in Wausa found the posters in the bank’s basement while bank employees were looking for old banking memorabilia to display for the centennial celebration.

Former bank presidents Maria and Ben Banks had stored the WWII posters instead of destroying them. Current Commercial State Bank President Doug Johnson decided to have the posters incased and display them at the three bank branches in Wausa, Elkhorn and Nebraska City.

Claussen, who grew up in Wausa, said the posters are a great addition to the bank in Nebraska City. There are about 50 on display in the Nebraska City branch for the public to view.

“In my personal opinion, it’s a shame that we didn’t get them out earlier and discover everything because most of the World War II veterans have passed on,” Claussen said.

The historical wartime posters were mailed directly to Commercial State Bank in Wausa from the U.S. government from 1942 to 1945. The posters displayed in the Nebraska City branch depict six wartime themes:

The nature of the enemy,

The nature of our allies,

The need to work,

The need to fight,

The need to sacrifice,

And the Americans.

Claussen said the posters have been displayed at the Nebraska City bank since August and he’s astonished that after all of these years the colors still pop.

“It’s amazing the color that was in these (posters) from the ‘40s,” he said. “I just marvel at the coloring that’s involved with almost all of these.”

The posters are near the front door of the bank in a display area. People can flip through them and see the roles that the government wanted the American public to play during wartime saying it was their patriotic duty.

Claussen said all of the posters that were found will be rotated between the three bank branches to let everyone see them.

“During this year, we’ll display all of the 200. It will just be in different increments,” he said. “We encourage people to come look at them because we’ve had people come in and think that they’re just regular pictures until we’ve told them that no these are from World War II,” he said, “and they were sent out by the government because it was a serious war.”

People can stop by Commercial State Bank, located at 617 Central Ave., and look at the posters Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.