Malachi 3:6 “For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.”  ESV

As a child, I thought K-mart was cutting edge in retail. I’d think to myself, “If there’s one store that will never, ever go out of business, and have any competition ever again, it’s Kmart…because they have the Blue Light Special.”   

Well, the old blue light started to flicker, dim, and was almost completely snuffed out in 2000. They declared bankruptcy, but decided to implement change, merging with Sears. I don’t know how that’s going to pan out for them, but they were either going to die, or change.  Change is hard and painful, but if a person or organization wants to live and grow, it’s critical in times and seasons.

There is a truth that anchors the soul, navigates the heart, and eventually brings relief through the painful process of change. That truth is that the best thing about change is that God never does, change that is. Since God never changes, that means there is one variable that a person can always count on not to vary.  God is the one ever-constant through every change.

What this means to us in the framework of change is that if we tether our heart and soul to God’s character and strength, we don’t have to be swallowed up in fear, worry, and anxiety. When the boss says, “I have to let you go.”

God says, “I’ll never let you go.”

When the doctor says, “I’m sorry; the cancer has spread throughout your body.”

God says, “You're mine, that cancer doesn’t have you.”

When the bank balance says, “Insufficient funds.”  And you feel like your credit has gone to the birds. 

God says something like (Matthew 6:25-34 Paraphrased), “You see how well the birds, grass, and flowers are taken care of and clothed?  You’re much more precious…I got you taken care of.”