Psalm 18:17 & 19 “He rescued me from my strong enemy and from those who hated me, for they were too mighty for me…He brought me out intoa broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.”  ESV               

I like deep-bowl graphite composite acoustic guitars. They just have a certain sound, but the only deal is that they’re like a thousand bucks at the bottom end. Anyway, I found one at a yard sale for 50 bucks. Now, after years of jamming, the bridge is tearing away from the body.  If it were a car, it’d mean the transmission was slipping. It’s a fact of life that we decide what, or who, is worth rescuing.

As a father, I’d give my life to rescue my kids. Not because of their behavior, performance, aptitude, or occupational outlook, but because they’re my beloved kids. I’d never assess them like I would a guitar. That’s not even an option as a father.     

As God’s kids, we mess up constantly, but that doesn’t change the truths about our rescue. One truth is that our rescue was never dependent on us, but hinged on God’s love as our father.  His love is our rescue. Second, is that when you feel overpowered by sin, anytime you take hold of the finished work of Christ by faith, that’s your rescue! Our failure cannot hijack God’s completed work of forgiveness on the cross.

God wants to continually bless us in our rescue because he delights in us. Not only in what God has done, but also in what he’s doing for us through other people. Look for the space, the broad space, God has provided for your rescue by the people that he’s placed around you to aid in your rescue. The living Christ is inside of every one of God’s children. This is how and why God is still in the rescue business to this day.