Summer vacation is almost coming to a close for Nebraska City Public Schools students and the school board has been busy reviewing the district's policies for the 2015-2016 school year.
A new policy that the NCPS School Board adopted for the new school year is about the Nebraska City Middle School's new Chromebooks that students will be able to use this school year.
Superintendent Jeffrey Edwards said during the school board's July 22 meeting that 500 Chromebooks have been ordered for students across the district to use.
NCMS principal Craig Taylor said the Chromebooks are optional educational tools for students to use. Taylor added that the Chromebooks will be looked at as if they were textbooks and will get fined if repairs need to be made to the devices.
"Say (a student) breaks the binding of a book and that's $15 to fix it. Well if (a student) cracks the screen and its $50, then we assess them $50," he said.
According to the policy, there are many items listed on how students should take care of a Chromebook:
While using the Chromebook, students shouldn't be eating or drinking;
Removable storage devices, cords and cables should be carefully inserted into the Chromebook;
Unless a teacher instructs otherwise, students should never carry a Chromebook with the screen open;
To avoid a tripping hazard, Chromebooks should be used with the power cord not plugged into the device;
Writing, drawing, stickers and labels are not permitted on the Chromebooks;
To conserve the device's battery, Chromebooks should be powered off when not in use;
To avoid breaking or cracking the screen, Chromebooks shouldn't be shoved into a locker or book bag;
And heavy objects should not be placed on top of the Chromebooks.
For questions about the Chromebook Policy and Usage Handbook, got to soon.