The Nebraska City City Council will meet tonight at 6 at City Hall in the William F. Davis Room in City Hall, located at 1409 Central Ave.
Tonight's agenda items include:
Discussion and action on the 4th Corso viaduct repairs, declaring emergency action;
Appointing Jason Esser as the resident member of the Enterprise Zone Association;
Reappointing Jason McNeely, Keith Morrison and Kirby Bohl to the Planning Commission;
Consider City Administrator Grayson Path's request to set a budget meeting date to meet with the department staff and review their budgetary requests;
Resolution No. 2671-15 to remove people from drawing checks, drafts or other orders for payment of money;
Resolution No. 2672-15 adoption of Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan;
Consider de-obligating Legislative Bill 840 funding of $150,000 for the Industrial Site Sewer Line;
Resolution No. 2674-15 to consider an LB 840 application from Spiral Communications LLC;
Resolution No. 2673-15 to consider an LB 840 application from River City Investments;
Consideration of re-adoption of the LB 840 Downtown District Assistance Program and discussion of the LB 840 program;
Consider a request for a final plat, known as Double R Acres Subdivision, located at 6097 G. Rd.;
Consider a request from Southeast Nebraska Development District for a contract extension to Nov. 23 for the Nuckolls Square Park project;
Consider a Special Designated License for Kregel Windmill Factory Museum on Aug. 22;
Consider a SDL for Pioneer Holdings LLC on July 24;
Consider a SENDD request authorizing the mayor to sign documents included as a part of the Environmental Review Record for the River View Terrace Improvement project;
Consider a SENDD request for the release of funds and certification for the River View Terrace improvements on July 20;
Consider an American Tower Corp. request for the council's consent to the ground lease sublease and leaseback;
Consider a Unite Private Network request to use the right-of-way to provide fiber support to Lourdes Central Catholic School;
And consider a Board of Public Works request to apply for grant funds for the natural gas fuel conversion of two trucks.
The public hearings will consist of discussion of using $200,000 in LB 840 funds for Spiral Communications, using $175,000 of LB 840 funds for the River City Investments and discussion about the final plat of the Double R Acres Subdivision.
The public is welcome to attend.