MTV's "Scream" is just one of the dozens of movie adaptations making its way to the small screen.

For new, younger audiences, MTV's series may be the first experience with the franchise. Others may have grown up with the self-referential horror franchise. So, where does MTV's "Scream" sit on that spectrum?

"First off, it completely honors the franchise and fans of the franchise will love this and I think it also will bring a whole new group of fans to it," former MTV programming president, founder of production studio DiGa, and an executive producer on the "Scream" series, Tony DiSanto, tells Business Insider.

"You donít have to have seen the films to jump right into this. Itís almost like the Christopher Nolan sort of reboot of 'Scream.'"

Making the "Scream" TV series has brought together several personal and career points for DiSanto: From working with one of the original producers of 1996's "Scream," Bob Weinstein, and returning to MTV with the project (where he also produces "Teen Wolf.")

On MTV's "Scream," a viral video begins to cause havoc for the teenagers of Lakewood. Those escalate into a murder and secrets begin to become uncovered.

Here are three things DiSanto told us to expect from the new "Scream" series:

1.) This is a complete reboot. 
DiSanto continued, "Itís starting over, but youíll recognize the DNA of the original storylines but itís not continuation. Itís not characters that reference anything thatís happened in the original franchise. Itís a completely fresh start."

2.) A reboot doesn't mean we won't see some old friends.
When we asked DiSanto if we'd get any cameos from the movies' stars, he didn't say no.

"I donít want to give too much away but I think itís safe to say that youíll see some surprises along the way," he teased.

3.) The body count on Season 1 may not be as high as the movies.
"Our goal of this was to have a cast of characters, a scenario, a world that weíre living with them and not rebooting every season like Season 2 isnít 'Scream 2,' DiSanto explained. "Youíve got to be living with these people for a longer period of time. People canít just be cannon fodder. They need to be characters and people that you care about. So all of that was part of the development process of this and the creative challenge of taking the franchise and adapting it to TV."

"Scream" premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Watch a trailer below:

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