Hamburg School District Superintendent Terry Kenealy has submitted his resignation and will take a position as shared superintendent at the Odebolt-Arthur and Battle Creek-Ida Grove Community School Districts beginning with the 2015-2016 school year.

The Hamburg School Board held a special meeting Tuesday morning to accept the resignation of the District's Superintendent, Terry Kenealy.

Kenealy submitted a letter to the Board last week letting them know he would be resigning to accept a position as shared superintendent at the Odebolt-Arthur and Battle Creek-Ida Grove Community School Districts beginning with the 2015-
2016 school year.   

Kenealy said that it had been a difficult decision but it would have been "unfair to his wife and family to not look into these positions."  Kenealy added that the location of the new position is "much closer to family and cuts the distance in half to get to grandkid events"  and would be a good move professionally and for his family.

"I entered this process with mixed emotions," Kenealy said. "Over the course of this school year I have invested myself in the needs, issues and challenges of the Hamburg Community School District, the reorganization process, the budget crisis, the Department of Education and Office of Civil Rights compliance issues, the facility issues, the building grade level configuration issues and a number of other issues impacting the district. In my heart I believe that I have helped to make a difference to this point and that things are on track to get better as the district closes out this school year and prepares to transition to next year."

Kenealy will continue to work with the Hamburg School Board through the end of this school year, and has already promised to remain available to answer questions that might arise with the transition of office to a new superintendent.
The remainder of the meeting was spent on discussion of the steps necessary to get a new superintendent lined up.

Kenealy and Kris Wood will work on quickly posting two descriptions to the Teach Iowa website, one for an Interim Superintendent, and one for a Superintendent, to remain open until filled.

The Board discussed salary considerations but decided to not advertise a specific salary until they know what duties a new superintendent will take over.  Meanwhile, Kenealy will talk to area superintendents about what the general going wages are for superintendent and principal positions are, and the Board will research the subject on the Iowa Association of School Boards' website.

The Board hopes to have heard from some applicants by the next Board meeting, and plans to have the subject on the agenda.  If no applicants have been heard from by that time, they may have to contact the Green Hills Area Education Agency to seek suggestions.