Goodwill is transforming stores into boutiques that resemble Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. 

The charity is redesigning "a small but growing number of its stores across the country into boutiques — smaller, more intimate shops where the furniture is antique, the clothing is designer, and the space feels more like Urban Outfitters than a warehouse," AdWeek reports. 

One location in Anaheim, Calif. called "Rare" features curated designer clothing from Burberry and Prada. 

The store is barely recognizable as a Goodwill. 

"You feel like you’re in Anthropologie," the CEO of Goodwill Orange County told AdWeek. "It doesn’t look or feel or smell like a thrift store."

The store includes a record player where customers can play their own music. 

Other second-hand stores like Buffalo Exchange and Housing Works have experimented with more upscale merchandising. 

Urban Outfitters sells a "vintage" collection with secondhand items from brands like Armani, Missoni, and Pendleton.

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