A new app called Boxed is going after bulk retailers like Sam's Club, Costco, and BJ's, according to Fortune.

Boxed lets customers order bulk groceries and more via smartphone. The company reportedly has over one million users. 

Executives told Fortune that Boxed has already raised over $25 million in Series B funding.

There's delivery available for nearly everything  groceries, electronics, alcohol, diapers, and even laundry.

The app personalizes the shopping experience in a way that brick-and-mortar retailers can't. 

In 2013, Pando Daily reported that Boxed uses technology that targets personal preferences and offers customization. A person would be notified than an item that he or she viewed is on sale.

Unlike warehouses like Sam's Club and Costco, Boxed doesn't offer a membership fee, which could make it especially enticing to budget-strapped millennials.

Boxed executives told Fortune that they are targeting the young millennial customer. 

The appeal of the app (and delivery) is undeniable to those who live in urban environments and do not have cars.

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