A shooting range/gun club operating just north of Nebraska City has been ordered to cease operations until further notice.
The operators of Nebraska City Firearms Association, located at 876 N 58th Road, have been operating the so-called gun club illegally, as the required conditional use permits have not been obtained, said Otoe County Zoning Administrator Dave Schmitz.
The club is operated by property tenants, whose full names could not be confirmed at the time of this report.
Schmitz said he sent a cease-and-desist letter to property owner James Engelkemier after receiving a complain from a neighbor.
"It was never approved, and, as far as I know, the landowner never approved it being there," Schmitz said. "Until they get a conditional use permit, there's nothing that can be done. It's contrary to zoning regulations, and it's illegal."
In order for the gun club to resume operations, the property owner must obtain the necessary permits, which must be approved by the Planning Board and County Commissioners, Schmitz said.
According to the club's website, www.ncfaclub.com, members will have access to "a 15 acre playground" that includes a 12-lane archery area, a skeet/trap/clay pigeon area, a 65-by-30-yard pistol area and and elevated shooting platform called "The Crows Nest."
Full metal jacket rounds are allowed on all "normal paper target boards," the site says.
The site also states that there are no caliber restrictions.
"If you have any questionable firearms that you believe may be even outside of OUR criteria, please feel free to contact us [and] we will be happy to let you know if we have an area you can fire your more restrictive calibers and weapon systems. No full metal jacket on reactive targets on the rifle range…yet," the site says.
Schmitz was unaware that a website existed until speaking with The News-Press.
"I don't know what the guy thought he was doing, but it has to go through the owner," Schmitz said.
The club owners/tenants could not be reached for comment at the time of this report.
County Commissioner Ron Hauptman, who lives near the property, said the noise has been a nuisance.
"It was awful," he said. "There were some that were kind of rapid fire – I did hear that. That was kind of scary to have them shooting.
"I look at it this way – it's by the railroad tracks and the pipeline with the big tanks and by the highway. He's only got 15 acres, and I don't know how he can come up with a shooting range on that small a property with all that stuff around him."
"I think it's dangerous for the public."
Otoe County Sheriff Jim Gress said he has received two noise complaints in the last month, but nothing in the last week or so.
Gress said if shooting resumes, the sheriff's department will respond and "shut them down." A report will then be filed with the county attorney.