The world's media is being attacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

As of 1pm today, reports on Twitter said The Independent newspaper, the London Evening Standard, The Chicago Tribune, The Telegraph, VentureBeat, CNBC, and a host of others had been hacked. 

The messages started appearing on Thursday at around midday. The SEA is a well-known online activist set up and started in 2011 in response to coverage of terrorism by western media. 

Lots of people are posting screenshots on Twitter:  Chicago Tribune The Telegraph Time Out

The SEA, a pro-Assad Regime organisation, uses phishing, spamming, and malware to disrupt the internet. It could be the group simply hacked the domain names of the websites and isn't really doing much at all. The group has been busy. In the past the SEA has hit the likes of Microsoft, Skype, and even, according to the activists, the Twitter and Facebook accounts of US President Barack Obama. 

Here's the SEA message on the CNBC wesbite.:

It looks like the situation could go on for some time.

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