The Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB), Board of Directors and staff, recognized the Nebraska City Public Schools Board of Education as a 2014 President’s Award recipients during the Nebraska City Region Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014.
This award of distinction recognizes the board’s collective volunteer time and commitment to education.  The criteria for this award requires that all board members participate in learning opportunities to grow in their governance role by attending education workshops and conferences, conduct a leadership/district goal planning annual retreat, and share in the legislative advocacy for public education.  The Nebraska City Board is one of eight boards from across the State of Nebraska receiving the 2014 award.
NASB is a private, nonprofit organization that serves the needs of Nebraska public school districts and Educational Service Unit board members.  Our mission is to provide services to School Boards to strengthen public education for all Nebraska Children. The Association is assembled upon the belief that:
·         every public school board will govern effectively and with integrity
·         every public school board member will understand the importance, and emphasize increased student achievement, and
·         every public school board will practice good stewardship of resources
Attached is a photo of the board.  Pictured left to right are Richard Heft, Ken Zaroban, Jim Dutton, Teri Stukenholtz, John Crook, Kent Blum, Superintendent Jeff Edwards, Stacie Higgins, and Paul Davis.  Please contact me for further information, if needed.

Matt Belka is
Director of Marketing and Communications for the NASB