Syracuse High School’s 45 member band is marching through several weeks of contests and performances.  All along the way, they are working on improving their show and enjoying the fun of making music together.
This year’s theme is “Being happy, letting go, and defying gravity.”  They play those 3 songs in the show.  The band forms a smiley face in “Happy,” a snowflake in “Let it Go,” and the ripple (where they go to their knees) and high stepping in the final song “Defying Gravity.”
The band received first place at the Applejack Parade on the 20th.  In Grand Island this past weekend, they did not place, but first year band director Logan Farley said they did well despite competing against much larger bands.
Saturday morning, over 30 bands arrived at one big parking lot where they circled up to play music and get ready for the parade.  
The band played show tunes and enjoyed hearing other bands as well.  Farley said, “There were tears from parents seeing the kids enjoying music, being a team, and doing something well together.”
At one point during the parade, the band stopped to play under an overpass.  Hearing the echo and magnification of their music was a really fun experience for the students.  There was a good-sized crowd above them on the overpass.
The band’s field performance went well.  It was the first time they had an opportunity to receive critiques from judges.  “It was kind of like our scrimmage,” Farley said.  “We know what the judges think; we know the changes we need to make.”  The band is making adjustments this week to their show and hope to do even better in Lincoln this weekend.
Farley has been really happy with her experiences this year.  She said, “So far everything’s been wonderful!  I couldn’t imagine enjoying a place more than I enjoy this place.  My section leaders are doing a great job with helping me and being great leaders.  Parents are an incredible help.  The support from community, administration, and staff at school has been so helpful.  I’m very lucky to spend my first year teaching here.”
The band will march at halftime of Friday night’s home football game, so come on out and enjoy their show!  Saturday, they will compete at Lincoln High School performing at 1 p.m.