Cathy Briley, Vice-President for Mayhew Cabin, has been on a personal mission to find out more about some of the known slaves who passed through the Mayhew Cabin on their way to freedom.  
Briley was recently able to discover that two of the escaping slaves married after they reached freedom, and their names were Sam and Jane Harper.
At the time of their flight from slavery with the assistance of John Brown and his men, the slaves were taken to Windsor, Canada.  
Briley found Darryl Hogan, a direct descendant of Sam and Jane Harper, still living in Windsor.
Brad Mayhew, Mayhew descendant and member of the Mayhew Cabin Museum Board, travelled to Windsor, Canada to meet Hogan.   
Hogan and his family have expressed interest in visiting the Mayhew Cabin some day, and the museum hopes to help facilitate that visit when they are ready.  
The search for information about the rest of the escaped slaves will continue in the meantime.