The Morton Place Senior Living Community in Nebraska City will help three of their residents celebrate very special birthdays before the end of the year.
Agnes Wilson and Edna Thiessen will each turn 100 years old in October.  Louise Reed will join them with a birthday in December.
Wilson, who spent most of her adult life in Sidney, Iowa, celebrated her 90th birthday ten years ago by publishing a book titled “90 Years of Livin’ and Lovin.’”  In the book, Wilson recollects her childhood and life.
“I have fond memories of my dad raising horses,” Wilson said, “and I loved to play the piano.”
Wilson’s book touches on the lives of her two children, six grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.  It also tells the story of Wilson taking Driver’s Education for the first time at age 42 after her husband died and of her first attempt at roller skating at age 89.
Thiessen remembers that her dad, who worked as a contractor, was often gone when she was a child.  Her happiest memories, she said, stem from her career as a nurse.
“I loved it, loved helping others,” the Hamburg, Iowa, native said.  “I enjoyed taking care of the babies in the nursery the most.”
Reed, from Nebraska City, said she spent much of her life sewing, crocheting, and embroidering as she raised her two children.  She said she still remains active by doing cross stitch.  
Reed was a 1933 graduate of St. Bernard’s Academy.  Her family now includes two grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and an older sister, Celine, who lives in St. Louis.  
Celine will turn 101 in January.
While Thiessen said she doesn’t want a big bash for her 100th birthday in October, she wouldn’t mind a piece of white cake with chocolate frosting.  
Wilson is hoping for an angel food cake and Reed said she’d like anything but chocolate to celebrate her special day.