NEBRASKA CITY – As of Monday morning, no arrests had been made for an Aug. 22 bank robbery at First Nebraska Bank on South 11th Street in Nebraska City.
FBI officials arrived late-afternoon on Aug. 22 to the scene of the bank robbery.
Nebraska City Police Department Capt. Lonnie Neeman said generally when a federally insured bank is robbed the FBI is called in to make contact with other banks in the surrounding states to determine if similar activity is taking place.
County Prosecutor David Partsch told members of the media Aug. 22 that the suspect, who allegedly robbed the bank with an "assault-style rifle," fled the scene alone in an unknown direction.
Neeman said Monday morning that the suspect's whereabouts are still unknown.
A preliminary account of the incident taken from video footage and witness testimony indicates that the suspect, who was disguised in a ski mask, entered the bank at 2:22 p.m., demanding all the cash from the drawers and the vault, Partsch said Aug. 22.
Partsch said the suspect warned bank employees not to give him any cash that contained dye packs or tracking devices. Before leaving, the suspect ordered all five bank employees to enter the vault and remain inside for 10 minutes. He then barricaded the vault door with a chair, Partsch said.
The suspect was in and out of the bank in three minutes, and no shots were fired.
Police were alerted by a silent alarm, which was triggered by an employee just before being ordered into the vault.
Neeman said Monday morning that he wasn't exactly sure about the time the silent alarm was pushed because the alarm company is notified first and then the company notifies the police department. He said it could've been between 2:20 to 2:22 p.m. He said an NCPD officer, who was already close to the location, was the first to arrive at the scene.
"We had an officer en route within 25 seconds after we got the call," Neeman said.
The suspect had already fled the bank before law enforcement had arrived. He said the police department did a building search with a police dog.
Sullivan Davison, a witness who was walking near the bank between 2:20 and 2:30 p.m., said he saw the police arrive on the scene. He didn't recall seeing anyone else leave the bank before the police arrived.
"We saw cops coming at both sides, and bank employees were walking out with their hands up," Davison said.
Neeman said the description of the suspect is difficult to determine because of witness' descriptions. He said the suspect is a white male, weighing between 180 to 220 pounds, being between 5-foot, 7-inches to over 6-foot tall. He wore a plaid or flannel long-sleeved shirt, dark pants, black shoes, gloves, a black ski mask and was carrying a black duffel bag.   
Neeman added that there was money left in the bank parking lot and it has been sent to the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab for testing.
Neeman didn't know the amount of money that was taken from the bank, but said, "it was a fairly large amount."
In the 25 years that Neeman has worked at the police department, this is the first bank robbery that he's heard of in town.
The Otoe County Sheriff's Department and NSP assisted at the scene.  
"This was obviously a very terrifying circumstance for everybody involved. They key is, nobody was harmed physically," Partsch said.
If anyone has any information about the bank robbery, call Crime Stoppers at (402) 873-7496, the NCPD at (402) 873-6666 or the sheriff's office at (402) 873-9560.