Glee is back with new episodes Tuesday (8/7c, Fox), and after two months off the air, New Directioners both old and new have a lot of ground to cover.
In addition to teaching important whiteboard lessons on frenemies and trios, the ...

Glee is back with new episodes Tuesday (8/7c, Fox), and after two months off the air, New Directioners both old and new have a lot of ground to cover.

In addition to teaching important whiteboard lessons on frenemies and trios, the next batch of episodes will bid adieu to another group of McKinley High seniors as Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet) Artie (Kevin McHale) and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) get their diplomas and get out of Lima, Ohio. (They, like the show itself, will move to the Big Apple.) However, the Fox musical will also welcome back many familiar faces when Glee celebrates its 100th episode with a two-parter beginning March 18. So what's coming up for everyone's favorite underdogs? Read on for 5 teases from the cast:

1. A baby! Fortunately, his time we're not referring to a panicked pregnancy test from Rachel (Lea Michele), Quinn (Dianna Agron), Bree (Erinn Westbrook) or any else not even old enough to drink. When asked about how his character might pop up in New York City, Matthew Morrison let the happy news slip. "Mr. Schue is going to have a family pretty soon, so I can't see him leaving his family and then following his Broadway dreams unless he packs up the kid," Morrison said. We can already see the tiny locks of curly hair!

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2. An emotional goodbye: Before Mr. Schue can add to his growing brood, he will have to say goodbye to another class of graduating seniors. "It kind of made me feel like what a real teacher goes through, the revolving door of students just coming and going," Morrison said. The occasion will also be "bittersweet" for the lower class men, according to Alex Newell. "It's like a chapter closing to see their characters go off and do bigger and better things," Newell said. Added Jacob Artist: "It is a really emotional and exciting episode. It's fun. I think people will really enjoy it."

3. A new romance for Sam: Michele was tight-lipped about whether Rachel may be the latest character to lock lips with Trouty Mouth after she helped him with his burgeoning modeling career. However, Overstreet teased that there will be someone from Sam's past who may hold the key to his romantic future. "Sam is going to be a male model or trying to be a male model. He has a rough go at it at first and deals with hardships," he said. "There are certain people that come back into the mix when I go to New York that I may be involved with romantically." And if male modeling doesn't work out for Sam, Overstreet is more than willing to resurrect his White Chocolate stripper persona to make some extra cash. "I just think that I would be back on the poles since I'm going to New York. I've been pitching that, but after Magic Mike, it kind of ruined it for all of us," he said with a laugh.

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4. The end of the road for New Directions? After years of scheming and plotting, Principal Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) might just finally get her way and successfully disband the glee club. "She's now principal so she's got the welfare of the entire school on her mind," Lynch said. "It's not so much she wants to destroy the glee club. She wants the school to thrive and she asks the glee club to reach a certain bar and they did not achieve it, so funds being what they are, she had to let them go." However, two very special guests will flock to Lima to help save the club: Kristen Chenoweth's April Rhodes and Gwyneth Paltrow's Holly Holliday. "They came back because they're trying to save the glee club," Morrison said. "I got to have a song with both of them, so that was really a blast."

5. A long-distance love story: Pretty much all of Glee's beloved couples, including "Finnchel", "Klaine" and "Brittana" hit serious rough patches as soon as college started, but Becca Tobin is hopeful about Kitty and Artie's chances. "I'm a one man kind of woman these days," she said. "I think the show is very realistic and I'm sure we'll face the normal complications of the long-distance relationship, but I love the relationship and watching it has been really sweet. Playing with him has been so fun, so I hope that they stick together." Meanwhile, Jake (Artist) will still be embracing his inner bad boy after cheating on Marley (Melissa Benoist) and subsequently getting the heave-ho. "I'm throwing music stands over, riding on my scooter, all that good stuff," Artist said.

Glee returns with new episodes on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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