Two big secret sharing apps have recently hit the mainstream, and it's kind of creating a divide in the tech community. 

At their core, both apps are all about sharing secrets. Cool, but what's the difference? 

With Whisper, people share anonymously with complete strangers. They could be your friends, but there's no way you would really know. 

With Secret, you're sharing "anonymously" with friends or friends of friends, which could result in a guessing game of who posted the secret. 

Let's break it down. 

Performance in iTunes App Store: Whisper is clearly beating Secret in the iTunes Store, as of February 21. Whisper is number 26, and Secret is number 48. Granted, Whisper launched in 2012 and Secret launched just this month. On average, people give Whisper 4.5 stars, and only 4 to Secret.  Qualitatively, Whisper, more times than not, provides a more authentic experience. Below is a Whisper about testicular cancer, which may feel taboo to some people. So Whisper gave this guy a safe haven to share a pretty valid concern. But the most powerful aspect of Whisper happens in the replies. Just read the one in the middle, which says, "That exact scenario happened to my boyfriend. And I love him; nothing would ever change that." This is a Secret. As you can tell, a lot of the content on Secret is very specific to tech and Silicon Valley. So if you're not a tech geek, the content on Secret probably won't appeal to you.

Below is a relatively common scenario on Whisper. People will often times ask for advice or seek comfort in times of distress.  Here's another Secret. You'll find that a lot of content on Secret raises eyebrows. If Secret is really acquiring Whisper, that'd be huge! But it's hard to know what you can and cannot trust on Secret.       

So which team are you on? Team Whisper or Team Secret? (Pssst....we think you should be on Team Whisper.)

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