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As part of the ubiquitous campaign for the upcoming movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, liquor marketer Riviera Imports has released a Ron Burgundy-branded scotch called "Great Odin's Raven Special Reserve."

In other Anchorman 2 promotional news (there is a lot of it!), Paramount is allowing fans to see the movie two days before its Dec. 18 release date if they pay $33 for a "superticket," which also includes a download of an alternate version of the original movie, a pre-order of a DVD for the second movie, and a $5 concession gift card. Here's the funny promotional video Will Ferrell made for the superticket:

In non-Ron Burgundy news, media buying firm Starcom made a deal with data management giant Axciom that will allow Starcom to use Axciom's audience segmenting and targeting system across online and offline media.

The San Francisco agency Muh-Tay-Zik/Hof-Fer put its office on Google Street View, and played on the service's "no faces" policy by having all of its employees wear ski masks.

Sprint will debut the latest in its series of text exchange/phone call ads tonight on the Twitter feed of one of its fans. The campaign, by Leo Burnett Chicago, features the actors James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reading real text exchanges or phone call transcripts in serious voices, which leads to the guy who voiced Darth Vader saying things like "Totes McGotes."

Netflix released a new video ad from Deutsch LA that touts its ability to bring families together during the holidays and is driven by the voice work of former Sopranos actress Lorraine Bracco. As the streaming video service approaches market saturation, it's pivoting its advertising from direct-response marketing to video and print creative meant to enhance its brand.

The online media platform Blinkx acquired the mobile video advertising company Rhythm NewMedia for $65 million.

72andSunny Amsterdam hired Simon Summerscales, formerly of Wieden+Kennedy London and Caroline Britt, formerly of TBWAChiatDay LA to be its director of communication strategy and group brand director, respectively. 

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