Julianne Houghmay haveapologized for her ill-advised blackface Halloween costume, but forMartha Plimpton, it's too little too late.
TheRaising Hopeactress went on anepic Twitter rantSaturdayafter news broke that Hough had dressed up as theOrange Is the New Blackcharacter Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) ...

Julianne Hough may have apologized for her ill-advised blackface Halloween costume, but for Martha Plimpton, it's too little too late.

The Raising Hope actress went on an epic Twitter rant Saturday after news broke that Hough had dressed up as the Orange Is the New Black character Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) for Halloween.

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"It's not hard," Plimpton tweeted. "White people: Do not wear blackface. Life will still be okay if you don't ever, ever, ever wear blackface. OKAY? GREAT."

Plimpton apparently faced some backlash from other Twitter users after expressing her views, however. "OMG. Five hours later, it's crazy racist trolls all over my timeline. Ugh," she wrote later.

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But Plimpton engaged with some of her critics. "I don't respond to every stupid thing every idiot does. Just the stuff I think matters. Blackface matters," she wrote to one user.

Plimpton also took the opportunity to weigh in on the nature of fame. "Can we use this moment additionally to also recognize that elevating morons to celebrity status does not help the world in any way? Ever?" she wrote. "Not every pretty person with two legs needs to be famous. People who DO things, okay. It just makes nonsense like this inevitable."

On Sunday, Plimpton apologized for some of her remarks. "I do feel bad for calling @juliannehough a moron," she tweeted. "That was mean. Ugh. I'm sorry. Glad she acknowledged her mistake. I should, too."

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