"The Nanny" star Fran Drescher, 56, is dating 49-year-old Shiva Ayyadurai — the man who reportedly falsely claims he invented email.

Ayyadurai developed a full-scale emulation of a mail system he called "EMAIL" as a high school student in 1978 and copyrighted it in 1982, reports Us Weekly.

While he may have copyrighted the term, Gizmodo explains Ayyadurai was far from inventing the technology we call "Email" today.

In a lengthy post last year titled "Corruption, Lies, and Death Threats: The Crazy Story of the Man Who Pretended to Invent Email," Gizmodo writes:

Shiva Ayyadurai didn't invent email—he created "EMAIL," an electronic mail system implemented at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. It's doubtful he realized it as a little teen, but laying claim to the name of a product that's the generic term for a universal technology gives you acres of weasel room. But creating a type of airplane named AIRPLANE doesn't make you Wilbur Wright.

The actual pioneers of email were breaking new ground more than a decade before Ayyadurai concocted his dental memo system. Electronic mail predates Ayyadurai's ability to spell, let alone code. 

Interestingly, Gizmodo points out that Ayyadurai "also owns dozens of immodest domains to that point — InventorOfEmail.com,DrEmail.com, EmailInventor.com — you get the point. No? Well Ayyadura has literally 100 more sites (103 in total) dedicated to making sure you do."

Today, the MIT alum currently teaches at his alma mater, heading a course called Systems Visualization in MIT’s Department of Comparative Media Studies. 

But apparently Drescher, 56, doesn't care whether her boyfriend invented email or not — she's just happy to have a younger man. (Ayyadurai is 49.)

"[I've] got a lot of energy and a lot of contemporary taste in music or whatever, so I have more in common with guys who are younger," she told HuffPost Live. "I'm trying to keep it within ten years now. Definitely younger."

The actress and "email inventor" debuted their romance at the "Bridegroom" premiere Tuesday night in Los Angeles:

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