A Reddit user posed the question:

If you went 10 years into the future and you could only make five Google searches before coming back, what would they be?

There are more than 500 comments on the thread but the top answer, submitted by Electric_Evil, has five questions that cover almost every base.

Assuming you want to become absurdly wealthy, Electric_Evil recommends Googling:

"Every Power ball winning number for ten years" "The most profitable companies in 2023 that are ten years old or younger."

Assuming you want to help save the world (or just yourself), you should Google:

"All significant natural disasters for previous ten years."

Assuming you want to put your money to good use, try searching for:

"Technologies and medical advances that are suffering from lack of funding."

Assuming you want to actually make it home to utilize this information, you should also probably Google:

"Any and all side effects to time travel" to make sure it won't kill you."

We'd actually recommend swapping out that last question and one of the absurdly-wealthy questions for the following:

"How do I travel back in time ten years?" to make sure you know how to get back. "[Your Name] dead" to make sure you haven't died of something preventable in the past ten years so you can live longer and enjoy your new-found riches.

Head over to Reddit for more time travel googling advice, here.

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