By Karen Johnson: "Last Saturday a business deal was completed whereby the long time firm of Hodges, Goy & Co. became the property of James Bogan, merchant of Hamburg"

Iowa Old Press
October 7, 1926

Last Saturday a business deal was completed whereby the long time firm of Hodges, Goy & Co. became the property of James Bogan, merchant of Hamburg. The deal was consummated by the confirmation Monday, and the store will open under the new management Friday, when the entire stock of good will appear under labels of a sweeping sale. Historically, the change is of great importance, for the store has been in existence for 44 years, nearly half a century. It originally belonged to A. H. Metelman, then came John Hodges, who worked for Mr. Metelman twelve years before they became partners. John Goy later became identified with the store, and worked nine years as a clerk. He then bought an interest and the firm name, familiar to Fremont county and Sidney people for miles around, was started, and the store was known as Hodges & Goy. Ed Engelke worked for this firm twenty-one years, and in 1903 bought an interest, the firm name then becoming Hodges, Goy & Co. Nelle Carl has been with the firm for twenty-three years. For stability over a long period of time, the record of this store is perhaps unparalleled. Familiar as is the name and location, even more important is its place in the lives of the people who have known it for years. Hodges, Goy & Co. was known to every school kid as they were called by its doors enroute to the school building. Here it was on Saturday evenings that the people of the immediate country met to trade, and to talk over people, events and news with their acquaintances. Leaning, sitting, walking to and fro, the people made Hodges, Goy & Co. the unifying part of their lives, winter and summer. The senior member of the firm, John Hodges, has been taken by death, but his mortal touch of long and constant association with the business is unmistakably left. Mr Goy and Mr. Engelke, along with Miss Carl, are left, and witness the change. We turn now to the new management, Mr. James Bogan, prominent and well known merchant of Hamburg. Mr. Bogan, Sr., has operated a store for twenty-two years, and has been in the merchandise business for twenty-five years, spending three years as a clerk. Mr. Bogan owns a chain of stores, the home store, as he calls it, is at Hamburg, one at Tarkio and the one recently purchased here. His son, James W. Bogan, Jr., will manage the store in Sidney. People may take for granted that Mr. Bogan knows merchandise well enough to meet the wishes and demands of Sidney people. The plan is to reduce the present stock through a continued sale, beginning Friday, October 8, and the sale will continue without break from Friday on. The store will be restocked and the transition from the old regime to the new, will be as smooth as possible. The store will be of a general nature, carrying merchandise for men, women and children, reinforced by sidelines of groceries and other items of necessity. The community pays homage to the integrity of the old management and extends its welcome to the new.