AccuWeather's long-range forecasters are predicting bellow normal snowfall for portions of the Midwest, big snow storms in the Northeast and wet weather for the Gulf Coast.'s winter forecast map shows all of Nebraska in the below normal zone for snowfall.

The annual winter forecast considers last winter's unusually warm temperatures and precipitation trends.

Big snow storms are predicted for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic and wet weather forecast for the Gulf Coast and Southeast.

Dry conditions are predicted for the Northwest and parts of the Midwest may fall short of normal snowfall again this year.

 "Across the Upper Midwest, cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, I think, are going to miss out on the big systems down to the south as far as snowfall goes.

“I think they are going to have to rely on more clipper systems coming down out of the north and west," said long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok.

Omaha, Green Bay and St. Louis are other cities that may get less snow than normal.
Clipper systems are quick-moving systems that drop down from Alberta, Canada.

 They often have very little moisture associated with them, so they are not big snow producers.

The lower-than-normal snowfall in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest will result in spotty snow cover which in turn will help to keep temperatures milder than normal, according to AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jack Boston.

However, temperature departures are not expected to be as extreme as last winter.