Dense fog near Nebraska City from August through November raised questions about the winter to come.

The slideshow shows some of the photographs the winter produced through Jan. 11.

Radiant fog that rose over the Missouri River valley Nov. 12 was the result of extremely high humidity caused by heat of the ground radiating into rapidly cooling air. reports high temperatures of 73 degrees Nov. 6-8 and a high of 64 degrees on Nov. 11. The Low temperatures, which was 55 degrees on Saturday, dropped to 36 degrees on Wednesday.

Folklore also claims fog can be a portent of the winter to come. Some say the number of days with fog in August foretells the number of snowfalls in the winter.  Others say 90 days after a fog, you are likely to have a 10-day period of moisture.

Margaret Cannell of the University Nebraska at Lincoln wrote a collection of portents in 1993 that included a warning about cold weather that follows a fog.
“January fog will freeze a dog,” she noted.

The November fog days, noted by locals here, was followed by a blizzard and up to 15 inches of snow on Dec. 6-8, a blizzard on Christmas Eve and a blizzard on Jan. 7.

Before there was any significant day of melting, a frost covered the area on Jan. 11.